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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Euthanasia on trial. What does it mean to die with dignity? [The Critic]

In-house lawyers use position to speak up on diversity [Financial Times]

Unconstitutionally Legal: How the UK Supreme Court Should Decide the Lord Advocate’s Reference [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Old Firm: The match verdict on philosophical belief [Legal Cheek Journal]

Pupillage: the game where no one explains the rules…. Until now [Bar Council]

Do we now have a hung parliament? [The Law and Policy Blog]

Access to finance systems must be protected in the age of cancel culture [The Times] (£)

Quiet quitting’ is just a self-indulgent sulk [Spiked]

Solicitors Qualifying Examination — one year on and what’s next [Legal Futures]

NFT Licenses That “Can’t Be Evil,” Are They Any Good? [The Fashion Law]

🔊 Interview with the ‘Lionel Messi of Football Law’ Nick De Marco KC [The Price of Football] (from 41:00 mins)

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