Diversity and inclusion efforts count towards billable hours, Linklaters tells lawyers

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Up to 100 hours

Magic Circle law firm Linklaters has told its lawyers that time spent on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) activities can count as chargeable time.

The firm-wide policy, which comes into force from 1 November, aims to recognise its lawyers’ contributions across all three areas and the positive impact it has on the firm and surrounding communities.

Dependent on office location, up to 100 hours of DEI contributions will be considered as chargeable time or taken into account as part of overall performance bonus assessments.

The policy is already in place in the firm’s US offices with Paul Lewis, Linklaters’ firmwide managing partner, commenting: “We have already seen the success of our policy in the US and are pleased to be able to introduce it at a firmwide level — rewarding and recognising those dedicating time and energy to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion and encouraging further meaningful engagement with our global DEI commitments.”

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Aedamar Comiskey, firm senior partner and chair added:

“Being a diverse, equitable and inclusive firm is integral to our strategy and remains at the heart of our culture and values. This policy recognises the efforts of individuals across our Linklaters network who help to cultivate our inclusive culture and, in doing so, help to attract the best people and the best clients.”

In 2021 Hogan Lovells rolled out a similar policy which sees time spent on D&I activities count towards its lawyers’ billing targets.

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What about salary increases given the firm has now been underpaying for 6 months versus Freshfields, CC, Slaughters and even HSF, Bakers etc



Why dont you ask the firm, not William?



It’s an open question…



That’s not clear. Please work on your language skills before posting in public forum. Thanks.


Original A

Yesss. We are all A

To help work on those language skills, let’s start with the alphabet.

A is for ar**e…

Original Anon

A rhetorical question actually, please work on your own comprehension skills…



I thought it was an open question? Rhetorical now implies it was a statement rather than trying to elicit a response. Stop trying to reframe to excuse your poor language skills. Many thanks



Stop disrespecting your elders.



The sad reality is that even if you have 2200 hours you aren’t guaranteed a bonus unless your supervisors like you. This is in contrast with US firms, where bonus is granted based on objective criteria (billables and pro bono).



Slaughters also effectively guarantees you a bonus unless you’re genuinely incompetent.



This isn’t correct. There is a non-discretionary bonus that is hours-linked, plus a discretionary bonus.


Actual Linklaters employee

Linklaters offers guaranteed bonuses from 1800 hours and up, so not sure where your sad reality has been conjured up from.


Jeremy Isaacs




Depressing. Better that firms do their jobs than be distracted by the leftist social engineering agenda.

Diversity, equity AND inclusion? Is that not three words when one would do? Liz Truss has a real point that this country needs to stop navel gazing and get on with mankind more money.



…you know it when you see it


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