Student etches pens with criminal law notes in ambitious bid to pass exam

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Taking the Bic?

Image via @procesaleando (Twitter)

A law lecturer in Spain claims one of her students once tried to cheat on an exam by finely etching their revision notes across multiple plastic pens.

Yes, that’s right. Malaga University lecturer Yolanda de Lucchi took Twitter recently to share two images of what she says show the 11 pens that were confiscated from the unnamed former law student.

“Tidying up my office, I found this university relic that we confiscated from a student a few years ago,” Lucchi wrote in a tweet translated from Spanish to English. “Criminal procedural law in bic pens. What art!”

The post has since gone viral, attracting over 24,000 retweets and nearly 300,000 likes.

Responding, one person wrote: “The level of being able to write like this on pens and such quantity. That’s hours and surely it helped him to study without wanting to.”

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Given the amount of time taken to etch all those pens, would it have not been easier to learn the material?



Teach them how to determine the legal issues and also how to apply the law to solve the issues. Everything is available online now. No need, in fact foolhardy to waste energies to memorize the law. With the new technogies & artificial intelligence the trends are changing. Law schools better change too, otherwise they will find themselves redundant.



Cheating, plain and simple. The student in question should be found and banned from law for life.



He was just creating precedents for use later on



Come on, Alan, surely you’ve got one of your trademark hot takes to share on this?

“Snowflake teachers stifle initiative”, perhaps, or maybe “This shows a level of skill and commitment that today’s youngsters would do well to imitate”?



Being cancelled by the woke mob is a badge of honour. Thanks.



do u liek alan, Alan?


Weapon enjoyer

What an absolute weapon. Get them at Kirkland.


A law student

Come on CL really one of the easiest module. The student should receive an F and be given the chance to resit the exam. This is a big shame giving that you writing a law exam again. I hope the student get his/her name cleared cos my omo is omoed at this point


An Spanish

Not in Spain. Studying law in Spain is a pain as you have to learn tone of unnecessary laws that you more likely not to use it in practice to past the exam.



Whatever happened to the good ole’ revision notes down the pants and read in the toilet method?


luv £

Can we get some reporting on rising pupillage awards pls – 24OB and 2TG are now past £80k. Get the ball rolling on the others!


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