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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

How the government won but also lost the court case on Rwanda removal policy [The Law and Policy Blog]

The High Court Rwanda ruling is a win for the Tories [The Spectator] (registration required)

The ECHR is out of control [The Critic]

David Gauke: Leaving the European Convention on Human Rights would be a mistake [Conservative Home]

Crumbling courts in England and Wales exacerbate trial delays, report reveals [Financial Times] (£, but most UK universities offer students a free subscription)

Use of a 3D mark for a potato chip in an altered form: what is needed to avoid revocation for non use? [IPKat]

How I secured my UK training contract as an international student [Legal Cheek]

Adam Wagner: Hancock the hero [Prospect]

Thoughtcrime is now a reality in Britain [Spiked]

Sex, Gender, and the Scotland Act [UK Constitutional Law Association Blog]

‘I wasn’t even invited to the Christmas party’: the consultant’s lonely life [Law Society Gazette]

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