Get ahead this pupillage application season with the 2023 Chambers Most List

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Check out the ultimate student guide to barrister life at 40+ sets

The Pupillage Gateway has officially reopened for another round of applications and there’s no better time to check out the 2023 edition of Legal Cheek‘s ever-popular Chambers Most List.

The latest version features key stats and insider info for over 40 leading chambers across England and Wales, making it the go-to resource for aspiring barristers.

Pupillage seekers can benchmark sets on a range of criteria including pupillage award and gender stats as well as the number of Oxbridge-educated new tenants.

The 2023 Legal Cheek Chambers Most List

Plus continue to an individual chambers profile to read an analysis of what they’re like as a place to work in The Legal Cheek View and Junior Barrister Survey Scorecards. The What the junior barristers say section also provides prospective pupils with a snapshot of life in chambers through the eyes of a junior tenant.

In addition to all this, the profiles include those all-important application deadlines for pupillage and mini-pupillage opportunities as well as other recruitment initiatives hosted by a chambers. These feed into our Key Deadlines Calendar and sync with our iPhone and Android apps so you can get alerts delivered directly to your phone.

Join us for a virtual pupillage application masterclass with Gatehouse, Henderson, Landmark, Radcliffe Chambers and 2 Temple Gardens, on Tuesday 24 January. Apply now.

The 2023 Legal Cheek Chambers Most List

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