Over a third of legal workers hate their boss, research finds

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Retail employees despise their superiors the most

Bosses in the legal industry are among the most hated in the UK, new research has shown, with over a third admitting to disliking their superiors.

A survey of over 3,000 people working in nearly 30 sectors shows the legal industry ranks in joint tenth place, alongside the hospitality and recruitment industries, with 34% of respondents saying they hate their higher-ups.

Retail employees hate their bosses the most, according to the survey carried out by online marketing company Reboot, with 51% saying they dislike their managers. This was closely followed by 48% in healthcare and 47% in sales.

Rank Industry Hate their boss (%)
1 Retail 51
2 Healthcare 48
3 Sales 47
4 Property & construction 45
5= Energy & utilities 42
5= Public services & administration 42
7 Law enforcement & security 38
8 Teaching & education 36
9 Call centre & customer service 35
10= Hospitality & events management 34
10= Legal 34
10= Recruitment & HR 34

The industry with the least hated bosses was creative arts & design (11%), followed by the charity (11%) and IT (12%) sectors.

Both consulting and banking & finance fared better than law with just over a fifth (21%) of employees in each industry expressing a dislike for their bosses.

The survey also found that ‘being underpaid’, ‘micromanagement’ and ‘lack of communication’ are the most common reasons they don’t get along with their bosses.

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