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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

How do we force cowardly murderers to face up to what they have done? [The Secret Barrister]

Trump’s indictment is a tempest over bookkeeping [Spectator] (free, but registration required)

Posthumous courting [The Critic]

Cute baby dragons and the law of copyright [The Law and Policy Blog]

Last rites for the Bill of Rights [A Lawyer Writes]

Rethinking Commercial Law’s Uncertain Boundaries [Oxford Business Law Blog]

Reaffirming the rule of law [Scottish Legal News]

ChatGPT will never be ‘intelligent’ [Spiked]

Defendants swearing a secular oath more likely to be found guilty [BBC News]

This Student Is Taking On ‘Biased’ Exam Software [Wired]

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