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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Here’s what’s wrong with Labour’s attack ads on crime [The Secret Barrister]

Does the cab-rank rule really facilitate access to justice? []

Why Are Lawyers at Greater Risk of Suicide? [Psychology Today]

NFT Pirates and Copyright Law [Oxford Business Law Blog]

Policing manners: Golliwogs are racially offensive, but are a matter for public morals, not the police [The Critic]

Are your AI-based software platforms becoming a legal liability? [Engineer and Technology Magazine]

Does the law on predatory marriage need to change? [Family Law]

Covid and Free Speech in the High Court [UK Human Rights Blog]

Robot Lawyers Are About to Flood the Courts [Wired]

SIAE vs Meta: no more Italian music available on Facebook and Instagram? [IPKat Blog]

Does your firm turn a blind eye to big billers behaving badly? [Law Society Gazette]

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