Justice Sec Dominic Raab resigns in wake of bullying report

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Claims ‘adverse findings are flawed and set a dangerous precedent’

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned after an inquiry into allegations of bullying.

The Lord Chancellor’s resignation follows the completion of a report by Fountain Court Chambers barrister Adam Tolley KC, who was tasked with looking into the claims made against him. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak received the report on Thursday afternoon.

In a statement this morning, the MP for Esher and Walton said he felt “duty bound” to accept the outcome of the report but stressed that it “dismissed all but two of the claims levelled against [him]”. His statement also said of the bullying report “that its two adverse findings are flawed and set a dangerous precedent for the conduct of good government”.

Raab’s legal background can be traced back to his undergraduate and master’s studies at Oxford and Cambridge. He trained and qualified as a lawyer at Magic Circle outfit Linklaters, before leaving soon after to pursue a career in politics in 2006.

Sunak will now seek to appoint a replacement Lord Chancellor, the ninth in seven years. Many of those tipped to replace him are barristers including financial secretary to the treasury Victoria Atkins, culture secretary Lucy Frazer, attorney general Victoria Prentis and defence minister Alex Chalk.

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Twitter Is For Narcissists

Actions have consequences.

I won’t cry for people who are the architects of their own drama.



Raab is a hard guy to like. Seems unsuited to politics. But obviously intelligent and hard working. I wonder if he’s ever considered law?



This made me chuckle gg



Where did he pick up that behaviour? Wasn’t he at Links?


Escapee to US firm

This constant bashing of Links following mass departures (by its former staff?) in recent months is top entertainment



Yeah and then he wasn’t 😂


Alf the Elf

The combined moaning of all those snowflakes were largely rejected and the guy has to resign over those minor findings? What a joke.



The Tory party hold themselves accountable about as well as the SRA holds wrongdoing senior law professionals accountable


Bless M

They own the business. You don’t. No-one forced you to work there. If you don’t like real life, quit.


Liberal Lawyer

Everyone crying over Raab but if you read the report he just told civil servants to do their job to a higher standard. I’m all for bashing the tories for everything they do wrong (a lot) but come on, this is not one of those times.



Agreed. I used to be a Tory voter and have been appalled by the lurch right, the Brexit fundamentalism, Johnson, Truss, Patel and Braverman etc to the point I could not conceive of voting for them these days. But reading the report he didn’t do anything that would have resulted in a sacking. If he had not said he would resign if there was a finding of bullying he would have been OK. The problem is that the concept of “bullying” is too low a threshold if bullying is telling a junior their work is crap and saying to someone who went outside their brief that it might be a disciplinary issue.


Put your big girl pants on and get on with civil serving!

It’s Generation DryNites in the Civil Service that’s the problem.

They’re not used to the idea that they might have to implement policies that they don’t like because they’re all wrapped up in their Woke Monothink and get upset when someone asks them to do something that is against their rigidly held principles.

And it’s not their fault- it’s someone else’s, so their fragile little egos have to be massaged while hundreds of years of civil service impartiality and doing as they’re told goes out of the window.



You sound like a loud braying mysogynist.


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