Cabinet reshuffle: ex-magic circle rookie Raab appointed Justice Sec

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Replaces barrister Robert Buckland

Dominic Raab (credit: Channel 4)

Dominic Raab has swapped foreign affairs for justice in Boris Johnson’s latest cabinet reshuffle. The former magic circle lawyer was today named Justice Secretary following the dismissal of barrister Robert Buckland.

Raab studied law at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, before completing a masters at Jesus College, Cambridge. He trained as a lawyer at magic circle outfit Linklaters, qualifying in 2000, and specialised in project finance, international litigation and competition law.

The now former Foreign Sec — who previously served as justice minister under both David Cameron and Theresa May — had come under fire in recent weeks over his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In a tweet announcing his departure, Buckland wrote: “It has been an honour to serve in Government for the last 7 years, and as the Lord Chancellor for the last 2.”

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If they don’t get rid of the HRA now then what even is the point of the Tories.




Completed trainee seat = / = specialised in

Completed training contract at Links and left on qualification = / = magic circle lawyer

Bobby Jenricky

Anyone know where he went on qualification?

Ever heard of Wikipedia?

He left the law.


He worked as a government lawyer at FCO for 6 years. It was kind of a big deal that he became SoS of the department where he used to work


He is a joke and deserves to be sweeping streets.


Surprised to learn that Raab studied law at both Oxford and Cambridge.


Here is prime evidence that studying at Oxford or Cambridge does not make you bright or a good lawyer, and that privately educated idiots can get enormous leg-ups in this profession. Take heed all you Oxbridge tedes in the comments.


Having been to Oxbridge, Raab is by definition part of the intellectual cream of his generation. And he didn’t go to a private school. He went to a state grammar.

You are evidently a very chippy fool. I am sure your LLB (Warwick) stings. But you must get over it.


Raab, ‘intellectual cream’ … 😂
The guy he replaced was also doing a good job and had one of the highest approval ratings in the cabinet, Raab had one of the lowest.


Oh no, a neo-liberal remainer lost his position as one of the great ministers of state when a brexiteer became PM. What a shame and how unexpected.


The bottom 50% at Oxbridge are not that bright. They are plodders. I was quite surprised how unimpressive they were. Raab is in that group. As is Boris. Boris is jealous of clever people which is why there is no much brain power in his Cabinet.


That is nonsense. Remember that you are by definition extremely clever if you get into Oxbridge.


how do you know he was in bottom 50%? the fact he got a prize at LLM level for International law may suggest he was always more interested in that angle of legal practice than the commercial law that was on offer at Linklaters, maybe there were no NQ spots in the arbitration team that year. Again, who knows?

not a Raab fan but the notion he must be a dullard cos he chose not to stay with Linklaters is a bit suspect.

Links Assoc

He wasn’t kept on at qualification…


my king

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