Addleshaw Goddard sets SQE maintenance grants

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£8k in London, £5k elsewhere

Addleshaw Goddard‘s future trainees sitting the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will receive maintenance support of up to £8,000.

Graduates completing the SQE prep course in London will be given £8,000 in financial support, while their regional counterparts in Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen receive £5,000. It also offers an interest free loan to all future trainees.

Regardless of which office they will complete their training contract in, all the firm’s UK rookies study the SQE at BPP University Law School.

AG recruits around 62 trainees each year on a starting salary of £52,000 in London. The firm offers salaries of £95,000 to its newly qualified associates in capital, £62,000 in the rest of the UK and £56,000 in Scotland.

A raft of big legal players have now gone public with their new grants as they transition from the Legal Practice Course to the SQE. You can check these out on The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2023.

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This is awful..


What if you wanna do it online, will still get paid that maintenance grant?


Most firms require you to do it in the specified city they say, unless you have a compelling reason why not to.


It doesn’t matter they’ll still pay it to you regardless.


You should assume not. The maintenance is paid for a reason – to help you get on your feet in the city your training contract will take place in. It is the start of an opportunity for you to meet your peers, to go to events, and potentially even drop into the office to meet future colleagues at future trainee events. It is not pocket money for you to enjoy whilst bundled away wherever else in the country (or the world) you are.


An 8k maintenance grant isn’t going to help you get your feet in london. It won’t even cover rent.


Yeah cos 8k really gets you off your feet…lol. I did mine online and was able to get maintenance grant. And you’re not really galavanting, you’re just doing the course online.


Not a good look for the firm after other city firms come out paying their trainees maintenance grants of 17k…


Think some firms are paying even less..talking 7k..

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