HSF launches ‘academy’ to help clients understand emerging tech

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By Emily Hinkley on

Metaverse, blockchain, NFTs and more

Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) has launched a new ‘academy’ designed to help clients make sense of the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), digital assets and other new and emerging technologies.

The new initiative aims to teach in-house teams to utilise these technologies and better understand the risks and legal issues that can arise.

The City player will deliver sessions featuring live demonstrations that it hopes will give clients a “foundation level understanding” which can be built on with further learning.

The first will focus on AI and machine learning and is planned to take place sometime this month. Further sessions in the pipeline include generative AI, blockchain technology, how to navigate cryptoassets, and what the metaverse could mean for the future of business.

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“Realising the potential of emerging technologies requires an appreciation of their opportunities and risks in the round, yet all too often their technological complexity stands in the way of success,” says Alexander Amato-Cravero, regional head of HSF’s Emerging Technology Group. “We have launched this course to cut through the hype, demystify the tech, and give in-house professionals from all functions a common foundation from which to build.”

This isn’t the first HSF-led initiative that looks to highlight the benefits of tech.

Last year Legal Cheek revealed the firm had launched a new digital law course which teaches students about how the profession can help clients navigate novel legal and regulatory issues relating to techy-topics including the metaverse, NFTs, robotics and AI.

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