Tag: Metaverse

HSF launches ‘academy’ to help clients understand emerging tech

Metaverse, blockchain, NFTs and more

Jun 19 2023 10:59am

Court case held in the metaverse

Participants use VR headsets and interact via avatars

Feb 21 2023 9:54am

HSF embraces the metaverse with new digital law course for students

Exclusive: Completion certificates issued as NFTs

Sep 26 2022 8:45am

German law firm opens office in metaverse

Virtual reality TCs next?

Jul 14 2022 11:10am

The rights and wrongs of life in the metaverse

Future trainee William Holmes takes stock of the various legal issues emerging in the virtual world

Feb 28 2022 9:13am

Will City law firms join the Metaverse?

Where clients go, their lawyers will surely follow...

Feb 23 2022 9:37am