UK lawyers rally in response to Sudan conflict

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The Sudanese Legal Network has mobilised with a mission to shed light on the ‘dire’ humanitarian crisis unfolding in the country


For decades, Sudan has been a battleground for justice and democracy, but the Sudanese Legal Network (SLN) is determined to change that narrative.

Rising from the ashes of conflict and oppression, a diverse coalition of the legal community and British-Sudanese diaspora have united to fight for the rights of the Sudanese people. With a mission to shed light on the dire humanitarian crisis and mobilise support, the SLN aims to bring about lasting change and create a sustainable support network for those affected.

Throughout the past three decades, Sudan has endured oppressive regimes, grave human rights abuses and seen the marginalisation of minority groups. In 1989, a glimmer of hope flickered as peace talks ignited, only to be extinguished by a coup d’état. In 2019, after months of relentless protests, a transitional period began with the establishment of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan, comprising military and civilian personnel. Yet, history repeated itself on 15 April 2023, during the final week of Ramadan, when intense clashes reportedly erupted between Al-Burhan (the Sudanese army general) and General Hemedti (head of the Rapid Support Forces). This power struggle unleashed a wave of violence, claiming hundreds of lives, injuring thousands, and leaving millions grappling with the devastating aftermath.

In a world often plagued by division, there are times when humanity transcends borders, religions and backgrounds to come together for a worthy cause. The SLN’s mission is to raise awareness about the pressing crisis unfolding in Sudan and to take action. Akil Hunte, a trainee solicitor, whose Caribbean heritage and strong relations with the British Sudanese community bind him to the cause, reached out to his contacts. Hunte thought that it was a devastating humanitarian crisis which was not being spoken about enough. Over several months the group which became known as SLN has expanded to include diverse members who, as allies, have created a powerful platform.

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One individual at the forefront of SLN’s formation is Maab Saifeldin, a trainee solicitor and ‘lawfluencer’ who shares her inspiring journey and the motivations behind the creation of the SLN and the pivotal role the group plays in addressing the escalating humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

The SLN is looking for volunteers within the legal community to aid Sudanese British nationals. This assistance covers a wide range of needs, including helping individuals who wish to return to the United Kingdom or bring their loved ones. Additionally, volunteers will provide support to those who have already arrived in the United Kingdom, ensuring their successful integration into British society.

City law firms, among other significant contributors, have pledged their support in fundraising for the cause. Urgent funding is required to continue offering aid to those affected by the conflict. The situation in Sudan is dire, with shortages of medicine, food, water and fuel, as well as the destruction of crucial infrastructure such as hospitals, residential buildings and energy facilities. This has left the Sudanese people in a desperate struggle for survival, unable to access essential goods and services. They face constant violence and millions are trapped without the means to secure their safety.

The SLN aims to create a sustainable and comprehensive support system in response to ongoing conflict and humanitarian challenges in Sudan. The SLN’s objectives include addressing challenges faced by Sudanese people, coordinating legal assistance for those affected by the conflict, advocating for policies that benefit Sudan and its people, raising awareness of legal issues related to the conflict, promoting understanding of Sudan through knowledge-sharing, collaborating with other organisations and encouraging fundraising and support from the legal community.

You can follow the Sudanese Legal Network on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Legal professionals interested in joining the SLN should contact

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