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‘I taught myself SQE – here’s how I got on’

Without law degree

Sep 12 2023 8:52am

Would you let strangers ‘roast’ your CV?

An increasing number aspiring lawyers are posting their achievements online for others to critique 🔥

Aug 1 2023 9:27am

Will AI replace lawyers?

Technology associate Phillippa Stubbs considers whether the rapid evolution of large language models means the end of legal careers

Jul 17 2023 10:55am

Pride Month: Is it still necessary to come out at work?

Paralegal Isaac Orr shares his experience

Jun 28 2023 9:15am

UK lawyers rally in response to Sudan conflict

The Sudanese Legal Network has mobilised with a mission to shed light on the 'dire' humanitarian crisis unfolding in the country

Jun 21 2023 11:02am

Could robots replace junior lawyers?

Solicitor Baljinder Singh Atwal takes a look at five legal tasks that could be done by technology

May 30 2023 11:59am

‘Our criminal justice system is quite literally being held together by duct tape — action is needed now’

Fundamental change is required to avoid a 'complete collapse', warns solicitor advocate Ben Brown

Jan 10 2023 9:25am

‘I was diagnosed with autism during my training contract’

Trainee solicitor Concetta Scrimshaw on the freedom of living her truth and why dialogue is vital in breaking down stigma

Dec 6 2022 8:42am

The Uffizi follows up Pornhub success by suing Jean Paul Gaultier

But does trouble lie in store when it comes to AI art?

Nov 7 2022 9:21am

Diversity milestones in law and politics

Solicitor Baljinder Singh Atwal reflects on the recent appointments of Law Society President Lubna Shuja and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Nov 4 2022 11:09am

Magic Circle v US firms: A moot point

City Insider takes issue with a recent market report comparing the elite quintet to 'a room full of millionaires that refuse to believe that their business model is in trouble'

Nov 4 2022 10:20am

Deterred from justice: The criminal bar’s darkest hour

Years of underfunding has created a retention and recruitment crisis, writes aspiring barrister Edmund Mawoko

Sep 16 2022 8:56am

British firms cannot avoid the Wolves of Law Street

An American culture is coming for the politer British model, warns our anonymous City insider

Aug 16 2022 9:14am

‘An open letter to my fellow lawyers — it’s time to be completely honest about mental health’

Lack of support coupled with poor work-life balance is creating a "perfect storm", warns doctor turned trainee solicitor Gavriel Sapir

Aug 1 2022 10:48am

Are we barking up the wrong tree about animal rights?

Legal Cheek's Will Holmes explains how animal rights are being misunderstood

Jul 26 2022 8:56am

Should ex-magic circle man Raab become caretaker PM?

Question mark over whether Boris will stay until Autumn

Jul 7 2022 11:45am

Why the ECHR should go medieval

Will Holmes explains how revisiting medieval debates on natural law could improve the application of modern human rights

Jul 4 2022 8:26am

Has a robot really just hired a lawyer?

Chatbot seeks legal rep after becoming sentient, claims AI engineer

Jun 27 2022 12:22pm

How TikTok is helping lawyers land new clients

The app isn't just face filters and viral dance trends, explains magic circle associate turned tech founder Richard Mabey

Apr 13 2022 11:20am

Russia-Ukraine war: UK immigration lawyers rally to support refugees

Away from national headlines, a corner of the legal profession is doing extraordinary things not in lucrative defence of oligarchs, but in unpaid support for those fleeing

Mar 7 2022 10:10am

Will City law firms join the Metaverse?

Where clients go, their lawyers will surely follow...

Feb 23 2022 9:37am