Law firm defends LPC-requirement for receptionist role

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Sign of the times?

A law firm has raised eyebrows after posting a job ad for a receptionist position with the requirement that applicants must have completed the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

The ad, shared to LinkedIn by Woking outfit TP Legal Solicitors, seeks a “receptionist and trainee paralegal” who can “demonstrate a desire to become a conveyancing person paralegal”.

TP Legal uploaded the advertisement to LinkedIn

But those hoping to land themselves this “entry-level” position will need have completed the LPC — the final stage of vocational training for those seeking to qualify as a solicitor — within the last two year, according to the ad which was first spotted by RollOnFriday.

Is the bar to the legal profession now so high that even law firm receptionists require legal qualifications?

Defending the LPC requirement, managing partner Tariq Phillips told Legal Cheek that “by starting at the receptionist level, candidates can gain valuable insights into the inner workings of the firm, which can be advantageous in their future roles”.

Whilst acknowledging the “increasing competition” law graduates now face getting their foot in the door, Phillips said that this approach to recruitment had been an “integral part of the firm’s business model for years”. It would be an error to “dismiss firms’ initiatives to create opportunities” for graduates, “even if the requirements might seem unconventional”.

Unfortunately, the position has now been filled. Sorry LPC grads!

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Might keep an eye on this, have always wanted to be a conveyancing person paralegal.

Tired LPC grad

Cheap labour at the expense of ‘experience’ and low wages. That’s what the legal profession has become. If these hiring practices go unchecked, expect the life cycle of legal professionals to be even lower. They are digging their own grave.

The actual audacity of this firm to position this as an ‘opportunity’ is a joke.

Commercial/Chancery Pupil

Absolutely ridiculous. Pathetic. Before you know it, you’ll need to have been qualified for five years.


All support staff and roles are invaluable to the firm, there’s no dispute over that. However, saying that receptionist gain “valuable insight into the inner workings of the firm” and further claim that this would or COULD somehow be advantageous in any legal role is, as a minimum, dishonest in my opinion. Unless, Mr Phillips really values the firm’s future trainees knowledge of who nevers pick up their calls or how many copies of X you need to make… it’s great that a law graduate got a job but I don’t see how anyone would “prove themselves” for a TC in a such a role. I truly feel sorry for all law students and graduates, they are in for a very bumpy ride if this is what our profession has come to..


It’s not dishonest, it’s perfectly true. You’ll learn how to deal with difficult clients, talk to court, handle solicitors, manage diaries. I remember once a pupil who we appointed; we couldn’t get a cigarette paper between them and the other top candidate, and the fact that the first one had spent 6 months as a clerk in another set clinched it for them


There is a big difference between experience and an opportunity to qualify. This firm seem to suggest that starting as a receptionist, a law graduate will gain experience that the firm would/could later recognise and deem worthy for a promotion and a TC. This is quite different from simply saying we’ll give you whatever experience/ at a lowest grade and it’s then up to you to pitch it as relevant to another firm. I’m sure you see the difference. I do not dispute that all/any experience might be the winning point further down the line when applying elsewhere against someone who has fewer positions in their resume. But to say that this firm is not abusing the desperation of law graduates by making dubious promises and claims is a bit naive.


Perfectly good idea


Some selfish people that have made it to the top of this profession, are trying to make things hard for new incoming people. This is discouraging, this Firm should be striked off the registar. They are selfish people.

Feeling Old

I wish I was shocked! When I was looking for a training contract about 10 years ago, there was a law firm in Beckenham recruiting LPC graduates to work for a year as a secretary for basically minimum wage, then a year as a paralegal, before they might give you a training contract (without even giving you time to count on the TC). Obviously neither promotions were guaranteed… Just checked their website and they are still doing this.

Name them

Name them


What is a ‘conveyancing person paralegal’? Is it a new gender – or is it gender neutral, or what?

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