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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

China’s economy is a mess. Why aren’t firms going under? [The Economist] (£)

When did journalism become a hate crime? [Spiked]

‘Failure to prevent fraud’ and what it means for businesses [Legal Cheek Journal]

‘Raising the bar for others’ — my journey to the bar’ [The Barrister]

Robert De Niro on trial: Seven key takeaways from workplace abuse case [Independent]

The right to protest is not absolute [The Critic]

Cheddar luck next time for Cyprus as it loses appeal against GRILLOUMI [The IPKat]

‘I’m an employment lawyer — here’s how to maximise your redundancy package’ [Telegraph] (£)

Regulating Gatekeeper AI and Data: Transparency, Access, and Fairness Under the DMA, the GDPR, and Beyond [Oxford Business Law Blog]

Our inquiry problem [The Critic]

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