Lawyers among least likely to have workplace affairs

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Loyal lovers

New research has suggested lawyers are a fairly loyal bunch when it comes to matters of the heart.

A recent survey of 3,800 workers across the UK resulted in the admission by 1,644 of various employee entanglements. Of these, however, only nine (0.5%) workplace trysts involved lawyers. This places the legal sector 20 out of 24 for industries most likely to have an affair.

Topping the list came sales with 14.5% of affairs, teaching and education with 13.7%, and healthcare with 12.5%, according to research undertaken by Rant Casino.

Whilst the loved-up lawyers did rank higher than those in creative arts, business, law enforcement, and science and pharmaceuticals, it’s a solid result nonetheless.

For those frightened fiancés and sweating significant others who don’t find the results reassuring, perhaps consider a move to Reading. The city was found to be the least likely location for infidelity, with only 1% of the reported affairs occurring there, and Sunderland and Stoke coming in close behind.

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