Lawyers among least likely to have workplace affairs

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Loyal lovers

New research has suggested lawyers are a fairly loyal bunch when it comes to matters of the heart.

A recent survey of 3,800 workers across the UK resulted in the admission by 1,644 of various employee entanglements. Of these, however, only nine (0.5%) workplace trysts involved lawyers. This places the legal sector 20 out of 24 for industries most likely to have an affair.

Topping the list came sales with 14.5% of affairs, teaching and education with 13.7%, and healthcare with 12.5%, according to research undertaken by Rant Casino.

Whilst the loved-up lawyers did rank higher than those in creative arts, business, law enforcement, and science and pharmaceuticals, it’s a solid result nonetheless.

For those frightened fiancés and sweating significant others who don’t find the results reassuring, perhaps consider a move to Reading. The city was found to be the least likely location for infidelity, with only 1% of the reported affairs occurring there, and Sunderland and Stoke coming in close behind.

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Maybe lawyers are just better liars when faced with a survey on this topic?

Dumbest mathematician

Or are lawyers too busy to cheat or maybe most just aren’t attractive enough?


Who wants to tell them that ugly people cheat too?

Once a lawyer's lover

Personally, I encountered a lawyer in London who only used me for sex. When I was about to ask about his family, friends or other matters outside sex, he doesn’t share a thing or only a few of it and one of his outstanding excuse is he is a private person. He doesn’t do any life enriching nor emotionally available because of it I lose my respect and love for this person.

Probably he has a family before he even met me but he never mentioned me to them. He seems to have a double life and can hold many secrets to his sleeves no wonder he feels a lot of stress.

Once a lawyer's lover

Some of them don’t provide the emotional stability you wanted and only used you for sex and have weird fetishes. No wonder infidelity and affairs in some legal workplaces exist. It happened to me.


Personally, as a guy, I don’t tend to find female lawyers attractive in terms of personality. I prefer teachers, marketing executives and other less cynical professions.

Just the facts, ma’am

Rant Casino? You’re ‘avin’ a larf.

I reckon this company only asked barristers and sols at provincial firms, two groups notorious for their lack of romance and sexual impulse.

A survey limited to sols/trainees/paralegals at city firms would have shot law to the top of the table. Sexual incontinents the lot of them.


We don’t have workplace affairs because who wants to shag another lawyer and risk not being the cleverest person in the relationship? I prefer to have my affairs with clients.

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