Magic Circle lawyer reveals how much they earn as a YouTube influencer

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By Rhys Duncan on


Spoiler, it’s more than you think

A Magic Circle lawfluencer has broken down the financial side of his two busy careers.

In a new video, Clifford Chance associate Liam Porritt has detailed much he earns as a lawyer and as a YouTuber with close to 250,000 subscribers.

With the caveat that all figures are pre-tax and do not include expenses, the newly qualified lawyer confirms that he earns close to £3,000 a week from his firm, with an additional £1,500 each week coming from his various social media side hustles.

The 2024 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

With this side work alone, Porritt is bringing in an additional £70,000 a year, which The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2024 shows is the NQ salary at a number of top regional law firms.

Adding his £125,000 base salary (not including bonuses) onto this, even the US giants don’t come close, with the highest NQ salaries revealed yesterday to sit just above the £170,000 mark.

Check out the full video below…



I remember this guy with his lpc notes

Cinny Kool

Me too. Not sure he got the memo that’s it’s 2023, hustle culture is out and “slow living” is in *yawns*.


How does he balance with free time tho?

Archibald O'Pomposity

The Youtube influencing IS his free time.




Cool – but if you think you had no life as an MC NQ, wait until you’re an MC NQ + have a regular upload schedule to complete ontop.

US associate

The side hustle ain’t needed if you work at an elite US shop. £335k as a 5 PQE, brainlessly churning out sponsor docs.

Honestly cannot comprehend why someone would work at a MC firm for below market pay. Elite US (not W&C) is the future.


Because they want to be an equity partner.


Emphasis on the word “brainlessly” some people want their brain in tact 😂

Actual US associate

5PQE is more like 280k but OK.


Well in milbank it’s likely to be 300k there now lol

US associate

Bonus? The point is many senior associates at US firms are paid more than equity partners at UK (non-MC) firms.


Absolutely correct. I now live in the US and you are spot on!


Honestly, unless there’s a specific salary figure he’s looking I would just do YouTube full time.

poot toot

then he loses the whole point of his YouTube


It’s funny cos he just move to top US firm and earn the same thing or more without all this side hustle lol. Also with the hours working at CC+ side hustle it’ll probs come as the same at US firm lol

Wannabe Tax Lawyer

I watched this video and was a bit confused that there was no reference to paying any income tax on the YouTube earnings? Could someone please explain?


Stop pocketwatching.


How would a YouTube channel like this be viewed by a MC firm / its clients? I know people there can be very traditional.


Silly boy, he better be declaring all that extra income or HMRC will be all over him after this.


I’m sorry, but why wouldn’t he be declaring the additional income? Some of these comments just smack of jealousy. The guy has some entrepreneurial and creative zeal, as well as being smart and hard working enough to be a City lawyer – good on him!


You should be sorry because it’s not like people to not declare self employable earnings now is it? Billions upon billions go undeclared every year.


He looks like the type of guy to corporate law, start his own company and become a millionaire in the process.

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