Law student: ‘How can I stay focused over Christmas?’ 

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In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one law student is keen to have a productive Christmas ‘break’.

“Hi Legal Cheek team. A second year law student here. With Christmas just around the corner I am a little bit worried about how I am going to remain focused. I’ve got a few exams in January and an assignment deadline the first week back, but I know the temptation to catch up with friends and family and generally have a bit of fun will be overwhelming. I wondered if anybody had any practical tips to ensure I stay focused and have a productive Xmas.”

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It's not hard

Don’t drink any alcohol. Do meet friends, do socialise, do watch TV, do hang out with family. Just don’t drink any alcohol. It means you won’t ever be hungover, which will free up a huge amount of time, make you feel sharper and more focused, enable you do to law firm applications and uni assignments etc to a higher standard.


You need a change of perspective. I wish I’d failed my exams and never become a lawyer. Just enjoy life. There are many better jobs than law that don’t require academic excellence.


Have you thought about faking your own death? It worked for me although there is some admin around being able to receive your degree, but totally doable. Also it’s just nice to have a new start every couple of decades.


Thank you, Dr.Who!

Genuine Advice Giver

Revise everyday for 4 hours and enjoy yourself in the evenings. Don’t listen to losers saying you shouldn’t drink.

You’ll be able to handle 4-5 hours in the mornings/afternoons and party in the evenings. Plus, after revising you’ll actually be able to enjoy yourself instead of feeling guilty like everyone else. Trust me, it works.

— as a side note this advice applies for any day of any week of any month. Everyone can slot 4 hours in every single day and this routine will get you through any exams you have (first in masters in maths and distinction in PGDL graduate and this is what I did)

Junior Leachman

Just stay focus and do not go into panic mode. You can do revision every four hours per day over the Christmas holidays. You can also form study groups with some of your friends from university. Nb, you can still enjoy your life whilst staying focus on the task at hand.


Get a life.

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