The best law firms to do your training contract with — 2024 edition

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Firms Most List ranks firms on training, work quality, support and more

If you’re on the hunt for a training contract, you’ve likely spent numerous hours scouring law firm websites for a convincing response to the question: “why does working at [insert firm name] appeal to you?”. No doubt this has left your list of target firms blurring into one and leaving you more confused than when you started.

So, it’s no secret that there’s a multitude of things you need to consider when you’re applying for a TC — quality of work and training, salary, work-life balance, diversity and more. It’s also no secret that it can often be challenging (and time-consuming) to get a comprehensive idea of these factors when deciding on which firms you want to apply to.

Enter Legal Cheek‘s 2024 Firms Most List. Featuring a record 102 law firm profiles — including all the Magic and Silver Circle, the top US outfits in London, UK-based international elite players as well as leading mid-tier and specialist firms — over 2,000 trainee and junior lawyers rank their firms on a sliding scale across 10 key categories.

We then crunch the data and grade the firms from A* to D, accordingly. Below is a list of our scorecard categories.

Scorecard categories

Quality of work
Peer support
Partner approachability
Work/life balance
Legal tech

The 2024 Firms Most List — featuring the Legal Cheek Survey results in full

That’s not all, though. In addition to these 10 categories, we also extract exclusive data on other key metrics. What the working hours are like, trainee and NQ salaries, secondment opportunities (both client and international) and, of course, the number of UK TCs on offer at each firm.

Survey respondents also submit anonymous comments to supplement the scores they give, providing valuable context, insight and brutal honesty into what the work and culture at the firm is actually like. Below is a snapshot of some of these:

How stimulating is the work you are given?

“There have been ample opportunities to work on highly interesting matters, from the commercially eye catching to technical legal concepts. It is largely a testament to the quality of our clients.”

How advanced is your firm’s legal tech?


How do you rate the training you have received?

“The firm has a great training program and the training you receive in each seat is unparalleled. Partners talk through topical issues and there are seminars given by external speakers. Trainees are given a lot of responsibility very early on – for example, first seat trainees can run calls/processes and take ownership of workstreams. Whilst daunting, this is a great experience for trainees and helps to provide a level of understanding and improve one’s confidence very early on.”

How good are your firm’s perks?

“Private healthcare, dental and free in-house gym. But no free snacks in the office except fruit.”

How approachable are your superiors?

“All of my partners and supervisors have been very approachable and willing to give up their time to answer any queries or concerns.”

How is your work/life balance?

“Balance? Sorry mate, never heard of him.”

Those graded A* in one or more categories are shortlisted for an award at The Legal Cheek Awards 2024, taking place this year at the Battlebridge Suite of Kings Place London on the evening of Thursday 16 May 2024.

The 2024 Firms Most List — featuring the Legal Cheek Survey results in full



But where is Axiom Ince?

Kirkland NQ

The only relevant question is whether you can own an Italian supercar on qualification (and no a second hand ‘rari doesnt apply).

Victorious Victor

After the best training and salary on qualification? The ‘land, Latham, Milbank, PW and PH are for you.


Found the Kirkland reject


Found the KS2 English Lit & Comprehension reject

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