Freshfields records 84% trainee retention rate

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31 of 37 staying on

Freshfields has published its trainee retention rate for the spring 2024 season.

The Magic Circle outfit has confirmed that it offered roles to 32 of its 37 trainees, with 31 accepting. This hands the firm a score of 84%, down slightly from the 90% (36 out of 40) it posted in autumn 2023.

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2024 shows that Freshfields recruit around 100 trainees each year, offering a first year salary of £50,000, rising to £55,000 in year two. New associates can except to receive £125,000, a six-figure sum in line with its MC rivals.

The 2024 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Craig Montgomery, partner, and training principal at Freshfields, said:

“We are pleased to see many of our trainees continue their careers at Freshfields. As always, we recognise that they have demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication throughout the Trainee Associate Programme. Our commitment to investing in each of our trainees is part of ensuring the delivery of excellent client service, as well as helping to develop the careers of a diverse group of talent.”

Freshfields is now the second member of the Magic Circle to release its spring result, with Allen & Overy confirming a score of 77% (30 out of 39) earlier this month.



Pretty good, considering market.


Decent fresh pay good whack too


Freshfields really is pulling away from the rest of the MC at the moment. By far the most successful in the US. This excellent retention rate comes as no surprise to me; it must be a truly fantastic place to be right now.


Hello Freshfields HR hahaha!

Not sure you can say Freshies by far the most successful in the US when CC has more offices and obviously the A&O Shearman merger now. Fair enough to say Links and Slaughters falling behind though.

Sorry no

CC has more offices but they don’t have a stronger presence. The A

Get back to your Tort revision

More offices is a rubbish metric to compare success in a market. A&O Shearman merger is a laughable example – all the Shearman NY rainmakers left post-merger.

Willy from Warwick

Are you a rainmaker yourself Warwick graduate?


Bit concerning they couldn’t find roles for 5 trainees if they are now increasing their trainee intake size to 50.


How do you know they couldn’t find roles? Likely they chose to leave.

FBD Trainee

The people who left were not offered roles.

Sorry no

Any obvious reason why? Visibly not as good as the others?


Not enough roles and too many people going for popular teams. Only going to get worse with the increase in intake size. Trainee population is increasing while teams are still taking the same number of or less NQs than they always have.


There’s always one negative lol

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