Monday morning round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Lawyers struggling to gain access to clients in prisons in England and Wales [Financial Times] (£)

Jeremy Hunt talks up tax cuts in 2024 spring budget [The Times] (£)

Lawyers claim government ‘snub’ by rape trials committee [The Times] (£)

Medics told not to report illegal abortions to police [BBC]

A tax evasion law not publicly enforced may as well not exist [The Guardian]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

UK train drivers plan new industrial action over use of anti-strike law [Financial Times] (£)

Rwanda bill: Rishi Sunak ‘crystal clear’ he will ignore international law to ensure asylum seekers are deported [Sky News]

PADDY V PITBULL Paddy McGuinness to face feared divorce lawyer dubbed ‘pitbull’ as Christine bids to stay in £4m mansion [The Sun]

Lawyer who prosecuted sub-postmaster writes public apology [The Telegraph] (£)

Ban masks at public rallies, ministers told [The Times] (£)

“Scrapping the requirement for a degree in the name of diversity makes no sense. It’s like banning wheels from cars to ensure there are fewer road traffic accidents. If the bar isn’t diverse enough, and you’ve identified that the underrepresented group(s) are less likely to have a degree, then it’s up to universities and colleges to solve their own diversity problems. Why is the BSB taking it upon itself to artificially correct something it has no control over?” [Legal Cheek comments]

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