‘What’s everyone’s home-working policy? I’m basically back five days in the office’

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Is WFH over? questions associate

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, a junior lawyer wonders whether WFH is slowing becoming a thing of the past.

“Hello. I am a junior lawyer at a London law firm and I am curious to know what other firms work-from-home policies currently look like. We (associates) were initially required to attend the office three days a week, however this moved to four days towards the end of the summer last year. We’re now essentially being told its back to five days and you’ll need a good excuse for not coming in. I wondered if this is now the norm or whether we are being treated unfairly? I’ve seen a few news stories about firms (mainly US ones in London where the salaries are much higher than ours!) moving to four days in the office, so I’ve a feeling we might be.”

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