SRA fines law firm for failing to provide diversity data 

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By Thomas Connelly on


First of its kind

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has issued its first ever fine to a law firm for failing to provide workforce diversity data on time.

Leicester firm HG Legal has been hit with a £750 financial penalty and £150 in costs after it failed to comply with the regulator’s request, made under paragraph 1.5 of the code of conduct for firms, to submit workforce diversity data within the deadline.

This is in breach of paragraph 3.3 (a) of the code of conduct for law firms, explains a notice published on the SRA’s website. The firm has since complied with the request.

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The regulator is able to fine law firms for low-level breaches such as this after it introduced new rules last year.

Law firms can be fined for, among other things, failing to comply with transparency requirements and breaching certain money laundering rules. Fines rise from £750 to £1,500 for a further breach of the same category within three years.


Axiom Incel

Good to know the SRA is focusing on the important stuff


Hope this is satire.

Regulated hater

Is this the same SRA that recently reneged on its promise to provide in-depth SQE data?

Defund the SRA

Glad the SRA have taken time off from hammering overworked / anxious trainees to focus on important issues like this


How’s that Axiom investigation going guys??

Bottom Bantz

Before the proactively moderated comments days, there would have been hundreds of “Top Bantz” comments on a story like this!


It’s a law firm not Noah’s Ark.


£750? Is that to cover the cost of the Sra writing a stern letter?!

Surely this is just a token gesture? A lip service fine which is anything but?

Can see the partners going hungry now… oh wait, the admin assistant can pay that off for them…

What is the regulator going to do next?

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