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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The Post Office Horizon scandal: latest revelations and wider issues [Yorkshire Bylines]

Ouster Clauses and the Silent Constitutional Crisis [UK Constitutional Law Association]

What’s going on with Julian Assange? Everything you need to know [Dazed]

Should the UK collective action regime be extended beyond competition? [CDR News] (free, but registration required)

Changes to immigration rules: the new price of family reunification [Legal Cheek Journal]

Artificial Persons in the AI Age [Oxford Business Law Blog]

Ends and means [A Lawyer Writes]

Julian Assange’s moment of truth has arrived – and the stakes are high [The Guardian]

Public debate about private matters [Counsel]

The trouble with defining genocide [The Spectator] (£)

Paused Policies, Secret Policies and the Rule of Law: XY v Secretary of State for the Home Department [UK Constitutional Law Association]

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