Top fashion designer debuts Baroness Hale inspired court wear

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A leading fashion designer has taken inspiration from some of the world’s leading female figures in law for her latest Autumn-Winter collection – but lawyers beware; you probably won’t be appearing at your local Crown Court in this garb anytime soon.

Designer Yuhan Wang recently debuted her latest collection — dubbed ‘The Trials’ and inspired by “women in law, and how they’ve shaped our history” — at a swish fashion show at London’s Old Selfridges Hotel.

In Wang’s collection, the courtroom is the new catwalk. Evoking judicial garb (but make it slay), a raunchy take on a traditional High Court robe featured in the show is fashioned entirely from sheer black lace. Exaggerated colonial-esque collars and floral ruffle cuffs meet a sea of hot pants and lace garters. Showing how silk can truly take Silk, Wang’s muses include Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sandra Day O’Conner and, of course, Baroness Brenda Hale.

Will Hale soon forgo her iconic spider brooch for a sheer lace camisole?

Wang is a London-based designer and graduate from Central St Martins, a London arts and design college, who created her brand Yuhan Wang in 2018. Speaking to Vogue, Wang explains that her new collection for February 2024, “[is] really a celebration of their confidence and courage, their contribution to women’s social status and their work around the elimination of gender discrimination.”

This ready-to-wear fall collection is now available on the shelves, ripe for the picking by more avant-garde lawyers. If less is truly more, then it may become trial by style in the Royal Courts of Justice.

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