Wayne Rooney applied to study law at Nottingham Uni

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‘I want to do it to get one of those wigs on!’

Wayne Rooney applied to study law at Nottingham University, he has revealed in a recent podcast.

Speaking during an episode of Stick to Football, the now retired striker casually noted how he considered a move into law, before ultimately pursuing other ventures.

“When Coleen had the court case with Rebekah Vardy, I was there with the barrister and the lawyers, and I was saying to the barrister, ‘you need to ask this question’”, he said.

“I did apply — it was to Nottingham University — I applied to go in and try and study, but then I did go away”, he continued, adding: “I want to do it to get one of those wigs on!”

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Legal Cheek previously reported that Rooney had taken an interest in life at the bar after the infamous ‘Wagatha Christie’ case which saw wife Coleen acuse fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy of leaking her private Instagram posts to the press.

In a documentary covering the two-year legal battle, Coleen’s solicitor, Brabners‘ partner Paul Lunt, commented on Wayne’s legal interest. “I’m not saying he’s a modern day Columbo, but certainly if we’d given him a gown and a wig he was bang up for asking a few questions.”

Fellow Brabners lawyer Jamie Hurworth added that “once the day was finished, we would have a little debrief with Wayne and Coleen. I’d not dealt with Wayne that much before the trial but he was just fascinated by the whole thing. [He] started suggesting legal argument that we should start running.”


Ex Barrister

He can rent my wig if he wants a go.


I can give him mine for free if he sign my jersey


Nottingham Trent is probably more at his level


“before ultimately pursuing other ventures”… yep those two GCSEs won’t get you in Wayne. Even with your deep pockets.

Kirkland NQ

At least he can afford a Lambo already.


As a Nottingham law grad, I can tell you he’d fit right in. Law class was full of complete thickos, and I include myself in that characterization.


Yes, I remember you well. Still unable to grasp English spelling it seems. Thanks for the international fees.


Rent free mate.


Wayne Rooney – he’s not as clever as he looks


Ey ey calm down and come ed . The bizzies were sent down by his arfella to tell him his plan would never werchhhh ! Don’t you love clients and litigants in person who come to court with brief cases and folders full of irrelevant and vexatious material and love interrupting when you need to concentrate the most on what is being said in court to suggest that you ask a stupid , irrelevant inadmissible question . Mind you he is a footballer so what can we expect !?

Wayne Rooney K[F]C

“He started suggesting legal argument that we should start running”

I don’t think this is intended to be taken as a compliment.

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