Formal advice for judge accused of telling barrister to ‘chill out’

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Apparently mimicked TV character

A judge has been issued with formal advice after allegedly telling a barrister to “chill out”.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) said that the unnamed barrister had complained that His Honour Judge Nigel Gerald had apparently behaved in a “rude and aggressive manner” towards him.

The complaint also included the allegation that the judge told him to “chill out” and that he had “mimicked him [the barrister] in the style of a character from a television sitcom”.

The investigation that followed noted that while not all the allegations were made out, the judge had been “discourteous” by “raising his voice” and exhibiting “a degree of contempt” for counsel’s submissions.

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The statement notes that the judge accepted the findings, expressing his apologies and regret for his behaviour.

The Guide to Judicial Conduct reminds judges to be courteous, patient, tolerant and to respect the dignity of all. They should also ensure that their conduct maintains and enhances public confidence in the judiciary.

The JCIO’s public notice does not provide further specifics of the allegations or what the “formal advice” issued to the judge consisted of.



Dear oh dear. I do hope the poor little delicate petal was fine after a hospital visit and a bottle from mummy.

To think this generation’s grandfathers volunteered as teenagers to fight for our freedom. Makes you ashamed to be alive in this era.


Grow a pair. If a judge is rude, call them out in open court about it face to face.


Yeah, great idea. That couldn’t possibly backfire on your client…

Request for Information

Please can we find out which sitcom character he mimicked? I think this is a crucial missing element of the story

Regressive Updates

Also where have the voting buttons gone? Where else am I going to seek validation now?

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