Judges and barristers have the largest gender pay gap in UK, research finds

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By Rhys Duncan on


Nearly 30%

Judges and barristers have the largest gender pay gap of any profession in the UK, according to new research.

With an average pay difference of £8.31 per hour, judges and barristers top the list of largest gender pay gaps with a difference of 29.1%.

Taking data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the research looked at the median hourly earnings of 156,000 men and women, 1% of the UK workforce, across a range of professions.

Coming in second were financial managers and directors, with women paid on average £11.56 less per hour. With higher salaries, however, this leaves the percentage gap just below that of judges and barristers at 28.8%.

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Ranked third by the Claims.co.uk report was web design professionals, with women paid 27.7% less.

Jobs with the largest gender pay gaps in the UK

  1. Barristers and judges – 29.1%
  2. Financial managers and directors – 28.8%
  3. Web design professionals – 27.7%
  4. Production, factory and assembly supervisors – 26%
  5. Assemblers (vehicles and metal goods) – 23.5%
  6. Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians – 22.4%
  7. Education managers – 22%
  8. Nursery education teaching professionals – 21.2%
  9. Production managers and directors in construction – 21%
  10. Newspaper and periodical journalists and reporters – 20.6%



And……….no-one cares.


My firm has just published a gender pay review. The majority of junior staff are now female, but the majority of partners are still male. Rather than reflecting on why this might be (women choosing to take time out of their careers to have children) the firm has come up with a blunt force solution – we WILL have 50/50 male/female partners by [insert arbitrary deadline here]. Why? Because for some reason we’ve decided there must be gender parity for all high paying jobs. Funnily enough, there’s less of a push for gender parity in, say, refuse collection.


Just imagine how much worse it is going to be once Labour are in power.


Yet another non-issue for the lefties to set their hair on fire and run around screaming about.


If only they would all self immolate


I think lumping barristers in with judges is somewhat disingenuous as judges are on a fixed day rate or salary regardless of gender or seniority in post. If you’re a recorder then your day rate is set at £600-odd pd. If you’re a district judge it’s around £120k pa, excluding London weighting. Gender has nothing to do with this rate.

Mix and Match

The “gender pay gap” nonsense is just an excuse for unnecessary discrimination imposed by woke regulators terrified by bad data forced at them by activist groups. Prior to having kids women barristers are earning more than men. The choice of women not to return to work, they do tend to marry men with significantly higher than average incomes, or work less than before accounts for all or at least almost all the divergence of income. Given senior practitioners earn much more, these effects are particularly distorting. Lifestyle choice is not discrimination.

Barry Stir


You can’t say things like that!!!!

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