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A Canadian law school is set to launch a Taylor Swift centred entertainment law module this autumn.

Queen’s University’s law school is launching the programme after part-time associate dean of academic policy at the law faculty, and full-time ‘Swiftie’, Mohamed Khimji “spontaneously” came up with the idea when talking about the star with a colleague.

“I was just chatting with one of my colleagues [who’s] also a fan and we were just going through her recorded albums and debating which one was better, the Taylor’s version or the original version of that”, he said, before he was asked why she had re-recorded her albums.

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“It made me think, my students would be interested in this as well”, he continued, after explaining the entertainment law issues behind the move.

After further digging, Khimji said that there was “enough substantive content” to run an entire course exclusively using case studies from Swift’s career, titled ‘Law (Taylor’s Version)’.

“She dominates the pop culture to such a degree that we would struggle to find the historical comparison,” the academic said. “Right now, the prime ministers of Singapore and Thailand are fighting over which country has the exclusive right to host the Eras Tour around that part of the world. It’s just astonishing.”

Older Legal Cheek readers may remember that back in 2018 the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences hit headlines after opening up a Harry Potter themed module on its LLB programme.

We are unable to confirm, however, whether ‘An Interface between Fantasy Fiction Literature and Law: Special Focus on Rowling’s Potterverse’ is still on offer for budding lawyers, or whether any former students have taken the step of joining a Magic Circle law firm.



I did my LLB at King’s College London and would have loved this module. Swift inspires ambition among her listeners to strive for excellence, and I’m sure this legal academic insight will push students’ curiosity. The fans tend to have highly developed literacy skills which is a valuable tool in law.

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