Robes make a comeback for family judges – but they’ll remain wigless

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Trialing more formality amid safety concerns

Judges sitting in the Central Family Court will don their robes during hearings as part of a trial to see if more formality is needed in the family courts.

The trial began on Monday this week, and comes after growing concern about “incidents of violent and threatening behaviour experienced by judges and other court users”, HM Courts and Tribunals Judiciary has said.

Wigs won’t be worn however, and lawyers will not be expected to wear robes.

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As part of the trial, a survey will be conducted to assess if robing makes a difference to family court proceedings. The survey will look at the number of behavioural incidents experienced and judges’ perceptions of their own authority and safety.

The three month pilot scheme has been approved by president of the Family Division Sir Andrew McFarlane.

The senior judge hit headlines just last week after adjudicating a case concerning the accidental order for divorce by top London family law firm Vardags after a junior lawyer “click[ed] the wrong button”.



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