City Law School grad secures £30K scholarship to pursue barrister dream

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By Rhys Duncan on


Courtesy of 11KBW

A City Law School graduate has secured a major scholarship to help fund his dream of becoming a barrister.

Jaizzail Ofori has become latest recipient of the 11KBW Scholarship for black students on the bar course, securing £30,000 towards tuition fees and maintenance, accompanied by mentoring from members at the set, as well as a guaranteed assessed mini-pupillage.

Successful applicants are required to demonstrate both the capability to thrive at the bar and evidence of accomplishments, along with a clear intention and ability to practice within the civil or commercial bar.

Ofori was chosen by a panel consisting of two members from the sets pupillage and tenancy committee and two external assessors: Paul McFarlane, partner at Capsticks and the first chair of the Employment Lawyers Association with Afro-Caribbean heritage, and Dr Maggie Semple OBE, a member of the Queen’s Counsel Appointments Selection Panel.

Funding for bar courses can offer a lifeline for budding barristers, with the most expensive courses setting students back sums towards £20,000.

The 2024 Legal Cheek Chambers Most List

To combat this, many sets allow students who have already secured a pupillage to draw down a portion of their pupillage award to fund their bar course studies or maintenance. The Legal Cheek Chambers Most List shows that these drawdowns can reach as high as £30,000, with Henderson Chambers, Landmark Chambers, Pump Court Tax Chambers, and Wilberforce Chambers all offering future pupils this sum.

Jane McCafferty KC, chair of 11KBW’s equality and corporate social responsibility committee, commented: “We are delighted to announce Jaizzail as this year’s 11KBW scholar and wish him, and all the shortlisted candidates, every success in what we are sure will be stellar careers at the Bar.”

Joint head of chambers, Daniel Stilitz KC, added:

“We congratulate Jaizzail on winning the 11KBW scholarship, which reflects his outstanding talent as a lawyer. All our shortlisted candidates were exceptionally able advocates, and we wish them every success in the next stage of their careers.”

Other scholarships are on offer from the Inns of Court. Students looking to fund their bar courses should keep an eye out for the autumn application window, while support for the GDL closes later today.


Jaizzail Ofori

Thank you Legal Cheek for sharing this accomplishment!

John Smith

When you get what you want, you often don’t want what you get. It’s a job. No job should ever be a “dream”.
Good luck but get some perspective.

The KC’s £20k Family Holiday

It is a fact that completion of the BPTC does not guarantee pupillage nor a ‘stellar career’ at the Bar.

I am of the sincere belief that the Bar still has a long way to go in selecting Black and ethnic minority pupils. That’s how you get more ethnically diverse barristers, not by giving money to educational conglomerates.

I don’t think BPTC costs is the barrier here to a diverse profession.


11KBW’s minority scholarship scheme to fund the BPTC has been running for a few years now.

Were any of their past scholars picked as pupil barristers? Are they practicing at the Bar now?

If they aren’t, I would respectfully suggest that money isn’t necessarily an entry barrier into the profession.

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