SQE2 pass rate climbs to 73%

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Over 870 aspiring lawyers completed latest sitting

Results for the latest sittings of part two of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) have been released today, with the overall pass rate climbing to 73%.

This marks a 9% increase from the previous sitting, where the number of passing students was 64%

In order to pass, students were required to score above 61-62%, depending on whether they took part in the first or second sitting. Across the two sittings, both taking place in January and February this year, the pass rate for the 876 candidates varied between 71% and 75%.

For those taking their first shot at the exam the pass rate was higher at 76%.

As in the last round of results there are significant variations across the scores, with the highest scoring candidates clocking north of 90%, whilst some scored below 30%.

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A student’s overall mark is an average of their performance across 16 stations — 12 written stations and four oral stations. These assess skills and applied legal knowledge.

To undertake SQE2 students must first pass SQE1, a test of their grasp of black letter law across two multiple-choice exams.

In April this year 175 students were incorrectly told they had failed their SQE1 exams after a marking error by exam administrator Kaplan. To make matters worse, Legal Cheek later revealed that some students impacted by the blunder had seen their training contract offers revoked.



The SQE2 is too easy… it’s high time the SRA increases its difficulty to ensure the standard of solicitors is of a high quality.


Says the person who have never sat it.


What a dismissive uneducated comment. Whoever you are, you clearly have no idea what this exam involves. The trainers, the candidates and the assessors have worked extremely hard to ensure that the competences set by the SRA are achieved. How dare you undermine those efforts.


SQE 2 easier than 1 right? Congrats to all who passed. Now let’s revolt so we can disband SQE once and for all.


Why was the pass rate over 80% and now it’s suddenly dropped? And more people are getting 0s after the business CMA scandal.

I just don’t trust Kaplan are marking these correctly or fairly. I thought I did well on the April sit but expecting to fail now.

It’s just exhausting.

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