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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

What price justice? Small disputes involving ordinary people are not a waste of the courts’ time [The Conversation]

Waging lawfare against Trump will not end well for Democrats [New Statesman] (free, but registration required)

Sunak’s crime crackdown won’t pay off for the Tories [The Spectator] (free, but registration required)

Protest laws: Striking the balance between order and rights [Legal Cheek Journal]

The rise of political misuse of the law [Prospect] (free, but registration required)

Donald Trump is convicted – but it is now the judicial system that may need a good defence strategy [The Law and Policy Blog]

Why we should scrap the Equality Act [Spiked]

Compensating injustices. Is failure to pay victims a breach of their human rights? [A Lawyer Writes]

What Determines a Breach of Oversight Duties? [Oxford Business Law Blog]

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