Author: judge-john-hack

Wonga fake law firms — where did they get those names?

Parody accounts already alive on Twitter as pay-day lender coughs up millions in compensation

Jun 25 2014 3:09pm

2 Hare Court barrister set to be UK’s telly Judge Judy

Multi-million pound fraud specialist plucked to hear cases of lawn mower failure and duff holidays

Jun 25 2014 12:55pm

Solicitor under fire for calling Alex Salmond an ‘ars*hole’

War of words rages north of the border — and perks up independence debate — following inflammatory tweet

Jun 25 2014 9:02am

Law firm toilets: a critical reflection

Legal profession toilets aren’t quite at 'Trainspotting' levels of degradation, but many could do better

Jun 24 2014 2:52pm

Junior lawyer doubles as online underwear model

Will colleagues at Winston & Strawn’s London office follow suit by ... er ... stripping off their suits?

Jun 24 2014 12:19pm

Lawyer Vs judge bust-ups are so much more civilised on this side of the pond

Barrister's live-tweeting of his appeal against contempt of court fine is about as rebellious as English lawyers get.

Jun 19 2014 12:08pm

Student pulls out of GDL for a bid at the catwalk

Times are tough for law students – which is possibly why one has said sod it, I’ll splurge my student loan on cosmetic surgery

Jun 19 2014 9:10am

Report highlights hard times at the bar over conditions and pay

Longer hours, an increasing chance of being bullied and falling incomes -- that is the grim picture of modern life at the bar, as painted by the profession’s own leadership.

Jun 18 2014 1:11pm

Law Society rife with bullying and discrimination, but at least it’s got ‘values’

Solicitors’ representation body in desperate bid to steady ship as search to replace chief executive drowns in jargon and rivalries

Jun 18 2014 11:49am