Author: waitroselaw

How City law prepares you for the *joys* of motherhood

One associate can't help but see comparisons between her crying newborn baby and her demanding clients

Aug 2 2017 10:12am

Fifty Shades of trainee solicitor torture

Forget the book; sod the gala film opening -- as Valentine’s Day approaches, wannabe lawyers should just read this

Feb 13 2015 9:58am

Like the Ritz, Grayling’s embarrassing ‘Global Law Summit’ is open to all

Join the Justice Secretary, some arms dealers and Cherie Blair to toast the Magna Carta

Jan 26 2015 10:07am

A solution to the Band Aid lyrics controversy: apply them to lawyers

As the 'Do they know it's Christmas' single is criticised for its "cultural ignorance", WaitroseLaw wonders if its message would be better-suited to stressed-out lawyers

Dec 16 2014 9:03am

What some deeply unoriginal sexist emails say about lawyers

An apology may have been enough for DLA Piper sexist email partner Nick West to keep his job. But it can’t reverse the damage his witless misogynistic quips have done to City lawyers’ reputations.

May 21 2014 10:00am

Who’s been a naughty boy?

Following White & Case's recent removal from an oligarch dispute for a conflict of interest, WaitroseLaw reflects on a past few months packed with judicial spankings.

Feb 11 2014 12:40pm

A Publicly Funded Christmas Carol: The competitively-tendered trial of Lord Chancellor Scrooge

WaitroseLaw returns with the final instalment of her festive fable (you can read the whole...

Dec 24 2013 8:47am

A Publicly Funded Christmas Carol: ‘I see an insurance company call centre and a slowly disintegrating wig’

Waitrose Law returns with the third instalment of her legal profession festive fable (here are...

Dec 19 2013 2:02pm

A Publicly Funded Christmas Carol: The Barrister Hottie Ghost of Christmas Past

Waitrose Law returns with the second instalment of her legal profession festive fable (part one...

Dec 16 2013 11:59am

A Publicly Funded Christmas Carol

A Festive Fable PART ONE The legal profession was dead, to begin with. Christopher Scrooge...

Dec 11 2013 12:23pm

5 types of lawyer who are destroying the legal profession

WaitroseLaw identifies her least favourite legal personality types — and offers tips on how to...

Nov 19 2013 12:13pm

Procrastination: a jaded solicitors’ guide

Once the sheer relief of having a job in a shrinking market has worn off,...

Oct 24 2013 2:03pm

Does the way that lawyers are encouraged to think and work make them vulnerable to depression?

A high stress job combined with a temperamental inclination to analyse and pick apart can...

Sep 19 2013 9:17am

What lawyers can learn from legal dramas

As the return of hit BBC barrister series Silk nears, WaitroseLaw considers the practical lessons...

Sep 12 2013 1:28pm

How to survive the first terrifying weeks as a newly qualified solicitor

You never forget your first. Your pulse rockets, your stomach turns over uncomfortably and your...

Sep 5 2013 9:47am

The male barrister hottie list ‘subverted expectations’ — the female one ‘reinforces the most reactionary of ideas’

YourBarristerBoyfriend’s original list is well-written, hilarious and has pictures of good-looking shirtless barristers. Naturally, I...

Aug 15 2013 9:05am

A brief history of online overshare disasters

A spate of recent inter-lawyer Twitter bust-ups (see here, here and here) reminds WaitroseLaw of...

Aug 13 2013 9:22am

How junior lawyers can survive a merger

In the wake of yesterday’s tie-up between SJ Berwin and King & Wood Mallesons —...

Aug 1 2013 12:38pm

Think a pregnancy monitored by the world’s media is stressful? Try starting a family at a City law firm…

 “Many law  firms seem to take the attitude that once you’ve got a bun in...

Jul 25 2013 12:43pm

The most warped employment tribunal arguments used by claimants to (generally unsuccessfully) hang onto their jobs

A recent tribunal which saw a teacher compare Jews to Star Trek’s Vulcans — and...

Jul 11 2013 2:05pm

John McCririck’s use of anti-discrimination legislation heralds the end of irony

Legal Cheek’s new columnist WaitroseLaw is dismayed by John McCririck’s use of a forthcoming employment...

Jul 4 2013 12:44pm