University of East Anglia (GDL)

The Legal Cheek View

Located just outside Norwich, the University of East Anglia (UEA) GDL is actually taught inside a 17th century brick mansion called Earlham Hall. It used to be the home of a family of bankers, known as the Gurneys, of Elizabeth Fry fame. Haunted or not, (the family are buried nearby), the Hall is a pretty unique and inspiring place to study.

The GDL at UEA is “rigorous”. While most of the seven core law modules are assessed by exam only, you’ll have to complete additional coursework for land law and the law of trusts. However, all is not lost because one of the “main benefits” of studying at UEA is “the brilliant quality of teaching”.

Another bonus at UEA law school is the “commitment from the careers team”. Keep an eye out for the “various opportunities” that they advertise. Described as ”an invaluable part” of GDL studies at UEA, the university has its own “unrivalled” pro bono clinic. Students can come and see the law in action, build their confidence, and stock up on extra work experience.

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For the GDL-machine-students, the library is open 24/7, all year round. It has study rooms that are reserved for postgrads only. The facilities at UEA are pretty good in general – there’s even a dentist on campus, for when you’ve had one too many energy drinks while wading through your land law coursework.

You’ll also be part of a wider campus life. The full university experience means GDL students can mingle with undergraduates in other subjects. And you don’t have to go far in search of a nightlife with campus bars and UEA’s very own music venue, the LCR.

UEA organises social events specifically designed for postgrads including a trip to the seaside. Which is a timely reminder that UEA is not too far from the likes of Cromer and Southwold. There are also a number of idyllic walking paths that lace the Norfolk countryside just a stone’s throw away.

Key Info

Full time fees £7,450
Entry requirements 2:2
Full time places 30
Part time places n/a