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By Katie King on

Now it’s your turn to write


The Legal Cheek Journal is here — and now it’s your turn to get involved.

This new journalism project — launched by Legal Cheek today — promotes writing about the law. It is a chance for our readers to submit their own articles about any legal affairs topic they want to write about. If they’re good, we’ll publish them.

Aside from being a great way for wannabe lawyers to bolster their CVs, Legal Cheek Journal is an opportunity to explore serious legal issues in greater depth than is possible in our news section.

Our first Journal piece “Policing the police — when does discretion become dangerous?” is by final year Bristol University law student Georgie Crotty. It’s about how much discretion can be employed when “policing the police”. Other contributors will be writing about everything from human rights to commercial contracts.

I will also be contributing regular articles, and there will be guest appearances by well known legal affairs journalists, leading lawyers and top academics.

This is your chance to show off your writing skills and have your work shared with our 200,000 unique monthly visitors (a great line to drop in vac scheme and TC interviews).

If you want to feature on Legal Cheek Journal, have a look at our contributor guidelines, submit your piece to, and see your work on Legal Cheek.

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