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Brexit: UK ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement soon seems politically unrealistic, says expert

The team explain why UK government is unlikely to ratify the agreement in the near future -- despite pressure to do so

Jul 25 2016 10:13am

If no one is above the law, then why do doping athletes get off so lightly?

Lawlessness in sport and its threat to the Olympic Games

Jul 21 2016 2:12pm

Exclusive interview: Joshua Rozenberg analyses the Brexit legal challenge hearing

The early signs are that activation of Article 50 won't be blocked -- but anything is possible

Jul 19 2016 5:39pm

Psychiatric harm: The forgotten claims of the Hillsborough disaster

Will the Negligence and Damages Bill mend years of injustice?

Jul 14 2016 10:24am

The principle of subsidiarity in EU law, and who is supposed to police it

Is it the job of politicians, judges, or both?

Jul 5 2016 1:09pm

How is the EU tackling financial crime?

A brief exploration of the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive

Jun 30 2016 1:44pm

‘Unprecedented political chaos’ in the Labour Party: What is going on and what does this mean in law?

The Jeremy Corbyn leadership challenge through a lawyer's lens

Jun 28 2016 11:14am

An inherited tax overhaul: The first step to combating the housing crisis

Rich and poor deserve the same access to housing, so let’s level out the playing field

Jun 27 2016 11:18am

‘Everyone was doing it!’: The LIBOR rigging scandal

A closer look at the law on dishonesty in the context of financial crime

Jun 24 2016 11:16am

Why the EU’s new e-commerce package means we could be entitled to cheaper Disneyland tickets

Shearman & Sterling trainee Andrea Calla explores how and why the EU digital single market benefits us

Jun 20 2016 11:44am

The case of Fox: A victory for plurality in the education system?

Religious studies syllabuses get the legal treatment

Jun 14 2016 9:58am

Anti-money laundering framework: Does it stain our rights?

Crime prevention methods that limit our liberties need to be re-evaluated

Jun 9 2016 2:25pm

What do Spider-Man and Superman teach us about criminal justice?

Lessons in law from the pages of comic books

Jun 7 2016 11:16am

The curious case of Zapata v HSBC Holdings Plc: What happens when Mexican drug cartel victims take on the banks

Ruth Keating, runner up of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize, takes a look at this David and Goliath case

Jun 2 2016 12:11pm

Tom Hayes LIBOR rigging case: A message sent to the world of banking

Theodora Christoforou, runner up of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize, explores the first of its kind case

May 31 2016 10:05am

Inside insider trading: Tabernula and Salman – high stakes on both sides of the Atlantic

From Southwark to Washington, Tom Watret explores the future of financial crime -- in the winning entry of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize

May 26 2016 10:53am

Joshua Rozenberg: Are universities meeting their legal duty to ensure free speech for students?

Some institutions are acting within the law, but others may not be

May 24 2016 7:33am

Civil law and common law: Total opposites or much of a muchness?

The steady convergence of the two systems

May 19 2016 10:55am

R v Jogee – A Supreme Court betrayal

The campaign against the joint enterprise doctrine is not over

May 13 2016 12:22pm