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The curious case of Zapata v HSBC Holdings Plc: What happens when Mexican drug cartel victims take on the banks

Ruth Keating, runner up of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize, takes a look at this David and Goliath case

Jun 2 2016 12:11pm

Tom Hayes LIBOR rigging case: A message sent to the world of banking

Theodora Christoforou, runner up of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize, explores the first of its kind case

May 31 2016 10:05am

Inside insider trading: Tabernula and Salman – high stakes on both sides of the Atlantic

From Southwark to Washington, Tom Watret explores the future of financial crime -- in the winning entry of the BARBRI Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize

May 26 2016 10:53am

Joshua Rozenberg: Are universities meeting their legal duty to ensure free speech for students?

Some institutions are acting within the law, but others may not be

May 24 2016 7:33am

Civil law and common law: Total opposites or much of a muchness?

The steady convergence of the two systems

May 19 2016 10:55am

R v Jogee – A Supreme Court betrayal

The campaign against the joint enterprise doctrine is not over

May 13 2016 12:22pm

Does anyone actually care about the separation of powers anymore?

It may well only exist in the abstract nowadays, and that’s okay

May 11 2016 10:00am

Judges, you need to catch up with parliament in your treatment of transgender people

Stop reminding litigants what used to be between their legs

May 6 2016 11:12am

Race in the criminal justice system: What role does it play 20 years after the OJ Simpson trial?

Police brutality is alive and well on the streets of America

May 4 2016 10:57am

Where’s the fair use?

Copyright law is struggling to keep pace with technology. Mayer Brown associate Jonathan Dack looks at what this means for vloggers as the #WTFU debate gathers pace

Apr 27 2016 10:58am

Religion and the law: Political correctness gone mad?

France is leading the way in the secularisation of the state, but will Britain follow its lead?

Apr 25 2016 10:11am

Could new EU legislation spell the end for vaping?

Vapers hold their breath as EU finalises onslaught on e-cigarette industry

Apr 20 2016 9:49am

Business or businessman: Who to sue when things go wrong

When can a third party claim against company members directly?

Apr 14 2016 11:12am

EU law or the ECHR: Which does more to combat racial discrimination in Europe?

Both offer something different, but there’s still a long way to go in the fight for racial harmony

Apr 12 2016 10:03am

Joshua Rozenberg: Delayed legal highs law will be a fruitful ground for litigation — when it’s finally implemented

Poppers are probably exempt from the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, but no one is quite sure about jalapeño peppers

Apr 7 2016 10:05am

Making a Murderer: Is our criminal appeals process any better?

The factually guilty routinely ‘let off on a technicality’, while the factually innocent stay in prison

Apr 5 2016 11:30am

Coroners and Justice Act 2009: Is it a blessing or just further stressing?

The introduction of the loss of control defence is a step backwards for the criminal law

Mar 30 2016 2:35pm

Competition: The Global Financial Crime Blogging Prize

Legal Cheek Journal competition opens -- with free return flight to New York for the winner

Mar 23 2016 10:14am

How law touches on every area of sport

An introduction to the little known world of sports law

Mar 17 2016 10:34am