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Changes to immigration rules: the new price of family reunification

Sheffield Uni law student Jacob Dubiecha offers a critical analysis of the increased minimum income requirement

Feb 20 2024 7:57am

Seeking asylum: a one-way ticket to Rwanda?

Teshé Rolle, a final year student at The University of Law, looks at the government’s relationship with human rights and its much-discussed plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

Jul 25 2022 10:19am

Russia-Ukraine war: UK immigration lawyers rally to support refugees

Away from national headlines, a corner of the legal profession is doing extraordinary things not in lucrative defence of oligarchs, but in unpaid support for those fleeing

Mar 7 2022 10:10am

‘I moved to the UK and was appalled by its immigration system, now I’m fighting for reform’

All students should study immigration law, argues Durham prof

Aug 22 2017 9:10am

Asylum seeker turned solicitor who only qualified in 2016 wins immigration lawyer of the year

Baroness Doreen Lawrence handed out gongs at yesterday’s legal aid awards

Jul 6 2017 2:17pm

EU citizens should be given ‘unrestricted access’ to UK jobs after Brexit, the Bar Council says

Bar chiefs urge negotiators to protect the free movement of people

Mar 16 2017 9:10am

Public crowdfunds more than £29,000 for grandmother deported from UK to Singapore yesterday afternoon

Just days after Supreme Court ruled ‘anti-love law’ demanding £18,600 minimum income is lawful

Feb 27 2017 12:33pm

Supreme Court rules the ‘anti-love law’ does not breach human rights

If you want your foreign spouse to live with you in the UK, you better have a high-paying job

Feb 22 2017 10:47am

Giving out passports ‘like confetti’: The European children unlawfully granted British citizenship by the Home Office

Government is consulting with lawyers to see if their citizenship can be revoked

Aug 31 2016 12:50pm

Brexit: How is it affecting immigration lawyers?

Legal Cheek spoke to two barristers to find out just how crazy the situation is

Jul 14 2016 9:06am

The MM case: Long distance couples challenge the ‘anti-love law’

Supreme Court ruling could lead to an influx of immigration

Feb 24 2016 10:31am