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IBA: Assange treatment during extradition hearing ‘reminiscent of Abu Ghraib’ prison scandal

International Bar Assocation compares Wikileaks founder's 'mistreatment' to torture of Iraqi detainees

Mar 16 2020 9:34am

Dinah Rose QC: ‘Marrying A Male Barrister Is A Disaster’

“Marry a house-husband! A 1950s-style wife – someone to have dinner on the table!” Dinah...

Dec 3 2012 1:34pm

‘I’ve Never Regretted Being Tricked Into The Law’

Ed note: This is the second in a series of posts where leading members of...

Nov 2 2012 2:26pm

Lunch with Legal Cheek: Mark Stephens

You can change the world through law, star media lawyer Mark Stephens tells Emily Jupp,...

Mar 6 2012 1:59pm

Julian Assange’s ex-Lawyer Re-Brands as Fitness Guru

Yesterday, it was with considerable surprise that I happened upon ‘Jogging with the FT: Mark...

Jan 9 2012 3:17pm