Legal Cheek talks Julian Assange and Labour Party legal challenges with one of the country’s top law commentators

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A conversation with Carl Gardner

It’s proving to be a pretty busy time for law commentators.

Brexit, doping in athletics, the child abuse inquiry: there’s an awful lot going on in the big, wide world of legal affairs.

Legal Cheek tracked down one the country’s leading legal bloggers, Carl Gardner. A former government lawyer himself, Gardner — who authors the Head of Legal blog and regularly appears as an expert in the mainstream media — really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to big legal developments. So we wanted to get the lowdown on some of this week’s biggest.

In our Hackney recording studio — surrounded by some rather fetching law books — Gardner spoke to me about what’s going on with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and the latest developments in the Court of Appeal Labour party legal challenge.





Next week – KK interviews Lord Harley.

Addleshaw Employee with no recent payrise

Do Labour still exist?

Prince Bongo Uhombo

O no no no, your Majesty of magnanimous vertical extent, Carl the horticulturist of less than average vertical extent is a Chiropractor and not a barrister, a blageur not a blogger, but this is Erulu King Katie’s verisimilitude of Emperor of Kazakhstan Ali G interviews in reverse. Erulu King Katie’s royal humour knows no mete or bound and no orisha power or magic juju may constrain such grandiosistar. We remove our royal loin clothes to her lionine majesticalinamity

Quo Vadis

Katie <3

Ciaran Goggins

Julian Assange, Britain’s most prominent political prisoner.


Hardly a prisoner – he decided to hide in the Ecuadorian embassy because he elected not to go to Sweden to answer rape charges. What about his alleged victims, who have been denied access to justice?

Ciaran Goggins

Anna Ardin is ex CIA, Sofia Wilen a bunny boiler.


Katie is quite posh! No wonder she can afford to work for this rag and not get a proper job.


Not even 5 seconds in and “top legal blogger” FUUUU-

unpopular opinion puffin

I genuinely thought that the title referred to KK as “top law commentator”

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