Tag: Legal affairs

Judges, you need to catch up with parliament in your treatment of transgender people

Stop reminding litigants what used to be between their legs

May 6 2016 11:12am

Race in the criminal justice system: What role does it play 20 years after the OJ Simpson trial?

Police brutality is alive and well on the streets of America

May 4 2016 10:57am

Where’s the fair use?

Copyright law is struggling to keep pace with technology. Mayer Brown associate Jonathan Dack looks at what this means for vloggers as the #WTFU debate gathers pace

Apr 27 2016 10:58am

Religion and the law: Political correctness gone mad?

France is leading the way in the secularisation of the state, but will Britain follow its lead?

Apr 25 2016 10:11am

Could new EU legislation spell the end for vaping?

Vapers hold their breath as EU finalises onslaught on e-cigarette industry

Apr 20 2016 9:49am

Lawyers vs Grayling: Supreme Court case concluded halfway through hearing in shocking legal first

Was the government’s policy so bad the court didn’t even wait until the end of the hearing to strike it down?

Apr 19 2016 11:35am

Business or businessman: Who to sue when things go wrong

When can a third party claim against company members directly?

Apr 14 2016 11:12am

Legal academic granted permission to judicially review cancellation of controversial Southampton Law School conference

Exclusive: Freedom of speech row over cancelled "anti-Semitic" event to hit the courts

Apr 12 2016 2:07pm

EU law or the ECHR: Which does more to combat racial discrimination in Europe?

Both offer something different, but there’s still a long way to go in the fight for racial harmony

Apr 12 2016 10:03am

Joshua Rozenberg: Delayed legal highs law will be a fruitful ground for litigation — when it’s finally implemented

Poppers are probably exempt from the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, but no one is quite sure about jalapeño peppers

Apr 7 2016 10:05am

Making a Murderer: Is our criminal appeals process any better?

The factually guilty routinely ‘let off on a technicality’, while the factually innocent stay in prison

Apr 5 2016 11:30am

Coroners and Justice Act 2009: Is it a blessing or just further stressing?

The introduction of the loss of control defence is a step backwards for the criminal law

Mar 30 2016 2:35pm

Top social media barrister says screenshotting Snapchats is unlikely to be illegal

Christina Michalos pours scorn on “extremely misleading” tabloid analysis

Mar 29 2016 1:42pm

Celeb law watch: Pop stars in the news

It’s been a busy week for Madonna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney

Mar 24 2016 12:00pm

Hogan versus Gawker: Free speech can be costly

Gawker has been ordered to pay an astonishing $140 million in cumulative damages to the former US wrestling icon

Mar 23 2016 11:11am

Judges’ Crown Court sentencing remarks to be filmed for first time

Pilot could see parts of high profile trials shown live on TV

Mar 21 2016 7:59am

How law touches on every area of sport

An introduction to the little known world of sports law

Mar 17 2016 10:34am

A brief history of non-delegable duties in tort

When can duties be contracted out?

Mar 15 2016 10:39am