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Junior doctors in ‘unprecedented’ judicial review crowdfunding campaign

Public gets behind NHS contract legal challenge

Mar 14 2016 1:09pm

It’s not the judiciary’s place to stop people having kinky sex

Judges need to stop being so vanilla -- and stop meddling in our sex lives

Mar 10 2016 10:22am

Supreme Court rules against Bristol company in long running dispute about children’s ride-on suitcases

The justices unanimously dismissed the Trunki suitcase appeal

Mar 9 2016 12:52pm

Julian Assange, you’re not being ‘arbitrarily detained’: step forward and stop evading the rule of law

The United Nations couldn’t have got this any more wrong if it’d tried

Mar 8 2016 11:25am

Supreme Court on judicial precedent — law students, brace yourselves for even longer reading lists

Potentially groundbreaking public law case could heighten status of Privy Council judgments

Mar 7 2016 9:14am

You can now sue your parents for uploading those embarrassing photos on Facebook

That dodgy photo of you naked in the bath could be worth thousands of pounds in damages

Mar 3 2016 2:17pm

Supreme Court vicarious liability decisions to hit law syllabuses

Don’t you just love the living and breathing nature of the law?

Mar 2 2016 2:33pm

Iconic blond person says First Amendment must go

As The Donald says he’ll change laws he doesn’t like, we wonder which other world leaders have done likewise

Mar 1 2016 2:44pm

Are ladies’ nights legal?

Equality and Human Rights Commission casts doubt on enticing nightclub offers

Mar 1 2016 11:55am

Joshua Rozenberg: Supreme Court to sort out bedroom tax mess — but it won’t be easy

The background to this week’s human rights showdown explained

Feb 29 2016 12:01am

The MM case: Long distance couples challenge the ‘anti-love law’

Supreme Court ruling could lead to an influx of immigration

Feb 24 2016 10:31am

Comment is free — but it can be costly

As The Telegraph announces the suspension of online reader comments, a media lawyer explains the law below the line

Feb 23 2016 4:02pm

Assisted dying — a right not a request

There’s no excuse, now is the time to fight for legislative reform

Feb 22 2016 11:24am

Regulation that plagued family lawyers declared ‘invalid’ by Court of Appeal

Chris Grayling's changes to rules on domestic abuse sufferers getting legal aid don't stand up to scrutiny

Feb 18 2016 2:48pm

Criminal law syllabuses to get makeover as Supreme Court gives landmark joint enterprise judgment

Felicity Gerry QC and Adam Wagner victorious as court changes the law

Feb 18 2016 12:02pm

Do we need a new Magna Carta for the digital age?

The current law can’t cope with the social media phenomenon

Feb 18 2016 11:03am

It’s time to move away from trusts principles and towards proprietary estoppel in acquisition cases

Co-habiting couples are on the up, and they need property rights too

Feb 15 2016 12:04pm

A critical analysis of the R v Taylor Supreme Court judgment

Taking a vehicle and killing someone with it is no longer enough to be convicted of aggravated vehicle taking

Feb 11 2016 11:14am

Starbucks not so starry

Coffee powerhouse in the doghouse

Feb 10 2016 12:23pm