Tag: Public law

Protest laws: Striking the balance between order and rights

Bar grad Abbas Hussain analyses the High Court's ruling on police powers in the Public Order Act 2023

Jun 5 2024 8:53am

How election legislation has failed the UK’s visually-impaired voters

Aspiring barrister Lauren Slade explores the lack of statutory protection for the blind

Sep 4 2023 8:41am

Taylor v Catterall: rumble in the public law jungle?

Sports governing bodies beware, writes future magic circle trainee William Holmes

Mar 4 2022 8:54am

Struck out: Case challenging Tory/DUP deal falls at first hurdle

The grounds for judicial review weren't 'properly arguable in a court of law'

Oct 26 2017 4:06pm

What can be done about the political activist who told Stoke Muslims to vote Labour or go to hell?

Election law ensures candidates can’t buy results, bribe voters or tamper with the ballot box

Feb 24 2017 1:15pm

Why are Brits so unsure of their right to challenge government in the courts?

We don’t know our public law in the same way Americans seem to

Feb 14 2017 10:00am

How lawyers forced Theresa May to back the judiciary

Legal profession takes centre stage in constitutional crisis as Liz Truss left exposed

Nov 7 2016 7:34am

We’re still scrapping the Human Rights Act, says Liz Truss

Brexit fails to win reprieve for HRA

Aug 22 2016 2:15pm

Legal dream team fights to make Brexit conditional on parliamentary backing

Big guns from Mishcon de Reya, Blackstone, Matrix and Monckton take aim at referendum decision

Jul 4 2016 7:49am

The case of Fox: A victory for plurality in the education system?

Religious studies syllabuses get the legal treatment

Jun 14 2016 9:58am

Civil law and common law: Total opposites or much of a muchness?

The steady convergence of the two systems

May 19 2016 10:55am

Does anyone actually care about the separation of powers anymore?

It may well only exist in the abstract nowadays, and that’s okay

May 11 2016 10:00am

Gove’s Bill of Rights is basically the same as the Human Rights Act, groans House of Lords

Government should shelve grand but pointless nationalist gesture

May 9 2016 7:55am

Religion and the law: Political correctness gone mad?

France is leading the way in the secularisation of the state, but will Britain follow its lead?

Apr 25 2016 10:11am