Tag: Regulation

How the 2008 crash led to my career in financial services regulation

Gowling WLG principle associate Sushil Kuner discusses cross-border work, ESG and her unique value add for clients

Nov 6 2023 10:19am

Did deregulation kill SVB?

Oxford University law student and future Magic Circle trainee Declan Peters examines the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Mar 22 2023 10:25am

Why the Online Safety Bill doesn’t go far enough

Cambridge University law student Nathan Silver assesses the limitations of the new draft legislation

Aug 12 2021 10:24am

The Great British ‘internexit’ from the EU

Brexit marks a turning-point in internet regulation in the UK -- future magic circle trainee William Holmes explains why

Apr 21 2020 10:55am

DPP Slams Twitter Joke Trial QC For Making ‘Cheap Points’ And Failing To Grasp ‘Sophistication’ Of Social Media Issues

Having narrowly beaten Kirsty Brimelow in the last battle of the top QCs, Twitter Joke...

Dec 19 2012 1:50pm

Leveson And The Internet: Would Regulation Be A Good Thing For Legal Bloggers?

There was a brilliant cartoon in The Sun over the weekend making light of the...

Dec 3 2012 11:43am

Edicts From The Ivory Tower: The Troubling Disconnect Between The SRA’s ‘Sophisticated’ Decision-Makers And Its ‘Over-Zealous’ Prosecutor Foot-Soldiers

A “wholly unjustified and unreasonable” decision to prosecute a small law firm for supposed failure...

Sep 11 2012 1:11pm

Disillusioned Barrister Unveils Groundbreaking New Advocacy Regulation Regime

The Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA) doesn’t impress The Law Horse. So he is...

Jul 5 2012 2:00pm

Solicitors’ Profession Could Face a ‘Lost Generation Of Talent’

Three weeks on from the scrapping of the trainee minimum wage and the decision looks...

Jun 7 2012 10:05am

Eddie Stobart Lorries Launches Barrister Arm

The deregulation of the legal market has thrown up its most unlikely result yet: haulage...

May 17 2012 9:48am

Four Reasons Why The Trainee Minimum Wage Had To Go

You heard it here first, a full hour before any other publication, and it’s now...

May 16 2012 7:07pm

Law Society Cancels Conference Organised By Group That Says Being Gay Leads To ‘Disease’

Throughout last week there were murmurings of an embarrassment at the Law Society involving marriage...

May 14 2012 8:29am