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Top 10 places for Leeds, Queen’s Belfast and Warwick in latest law school rankings

Russell Group unis secure all but one of the top 20 spots

Jun 15 2022 9:18am

How did your university do in the latest law school rankings?

Top 10 spots for UCL, LSE and Glasgow -- but Oxbridge dominates again

Jun 23 2021 10:34am

The Russell Group bubble looks like it might burst

Status-obsessed legal profession may tire of brand that has lost its sheen

Sep 12 2016 10:28am

‘We Must End Oxbridge’s Stranglehold On The Bar And Look Instead To The Russell Group’

OccupyTheInns argues that the recent increase of Oxbridge representation among pupil barristers is bad news...

Nov 16 2012 3:10pm

ADVICE: Are Big Law Firms Still Old Boys’ Clubs?

I received this email from a prospective Open University law student the other day… My...

Jul 19 2012 10:15am

GDL Route ‘Made Me a Damn Sight More Rounded Than If I Had Read An LLB’

OccupyTheInns backs Lord Sumption’s recent pro-GDL comments, and draws paralells between drug shame pupil Henry...

Jul 10 2012 10:20am

Bar Should Be Restricted To Russell Group Graduates

Why incur the cost and hassle of an aptitude test to limit entry onto the...

Mar 9 2012 11:00am

Sloppy Reporting Obscures Bar’s True Pupillage Problems

A contributing factor towards lack of diversity at the Bar, and the oversupply of wannabe...

Jan 19 2012 9:22am


Follow @OccupyTheInns Jobless law graduates should follow the St Paul’s protesters’ example, argues OccupyTheInns As...

Nov 16 2011 3:49pm

AUNTIE EM’S HOMESPUN ADVICE FOR LAWYERS: ‘I can’t get a training contract’

Follow @emilyjupp Dear Auntie Em, I finished my LPC this summer and I still don’t...

Nov 10 2011 12:54pm