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Vac Scheme Application Forms: It’s All About The ‘Challenging Situation’ Question

Barrister-to-be OccupyTheInns shares his pupillage hunt wisdom with wannabe solicitors as they prepare to submit their vac scheme application forms before the 31 January deadline. As I come to the end of an enormously fulfilling period assisting on an international human rights and sustainability project, and find myself looking forward excitedly to taking up pupillage… Read more »

The Post-BPTC Files: Starting An Internship Aged 28 ‘Wasn’t The Life I’d Envisaged’ – But It Worked Out Alright

Editorial note: Last month Gemma Amran turned the conventional pupillage hunt narrative on its head when she wrote about how not getting a pupillage hadn’t been such a bad thing for her. Here Gemma charts her journey from the BPTC to the European Commission. During the year between graduating from university and studying the GDL,… Read more »

‘Does Grindr Count As An Extra-Curricular Activity?’

The other day, desperate for something memorable to put in the gaping ‘outside interests’ section of his training contract application form, law student @MoykeG tweeted: “Does Grindr count as an extra-curricular activity?” With the TC application deadline upon us today, Auntie Em (aka Emily Jupp) advises: Dear Moyke, I have asked some friends about this… Read more »

Allen & Overy Solicitor Says It’s OK To Lie On Your CV

Allen & Overy solicitor Sheila Fahy has unwittingly provided wannabe magic circle lawyers with an insight into what they might be able to get away with in their applications. Writing the other day in the FT, Fahy seemed to indicate that it was acceptable for hopefuls to make up fake info about hobbies they have… Read more »